Are you our ideal client?

We will cover the most common characteristics of our best clients.

How harmful is debt?

What does a lifetime of debt actually cost you? How much will you pay in interest to lenders?

What do you want?

What if you could throw away all the rules and create your own ideal investment account?

The Box Talk

Where should you put your money? Don't think about what a certain account is called. Think about how it will help you to achieve your goals for your money.

Gratitude, Neighbors and Estate Planning: Plenty to Keep Us Positively Focused

While we are keeping our social distance there are plenty of acts of kindness everywhere around us. Many of which we can duplicate ourselves which will increase our happyness and inject some into those around us.

Doing Your Part

This is a short podcast about how 2 things that I have seen people do during the Corona virus challenge that are making Dayton better and subconsciously helping those people stay positive

Certainty in an Uncertain Time

If you're scared or uncertain about your savings and investments we want to share some tools to create certainty that you can still meet your goals with the obstacles that may arise on the way.